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Business transformation through Digitization

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” Albert Einstein.
Technology development leading digital business transformation and requires changes in the organization and workers transformation, brings transparency into operation and increases the respond time on business distribution, collaborative service offers and similar. Application of new digital technologies offers a large scale of automation in production and improved efficiency were machines (or robots) and other devices and software applications (or software robotics) replace or complement human labor. Machines will replace some of the human labor. Increased innovation and better application of R&D will boost productivity and eliminate the need for some human labor forms. High skill labor will continue playing complementary role to machines, and this can be an answer to aging population and shrinking in low skilled human labor that can be substituted by the machines.
How well the new technologies can be incorporated into the wider economic diffusion depends on the absorptive capacity or ability to transform its organization, business processes and workers.