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Denis Dubourdieu Domaines Vins Rouges
Red Wines

Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux
Graves Rouge

"Gentle at the start, soon goes far beyod with complex, elegant flavour. It trully holds the bouquet of a classic bordeaux, freshness coupled with complexity, aromas of blackberry, cherry brandy, hints of dark chocolate, Havana cigar, all accompanied with pinch of spices, peone and rose. The attack is velvety whereas the finish is silky."
Denis Dubourdieu

Denis Dubourdieu Domaines Vins Blancs
White Wines

Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux
Graves White

"The sandy soil, redded by clays, lies thinly on the rocky subsoil, this is prolongation of limestone plateau of Barsac with microclimate with cold nights in the Ciron valley. Dry white wine - Yellow with hints of green hues, powerful and complex bouquet, fresh on the platate, delicious sugar-free sweetness. Powerful and complex, mineral and smoky, with lemony undertones.

Compared to Clos Floridiene, Reynon white will serve better than good sancerres. Smell of citrus, hints of grapefruit, lemon and bergamote, mixed with additional aromas of white peach and passion-fruit. Smoky note- similar to sauvignon- "blanc fume"
Denis Dubourdieu

Denis Dubourdieu Domaines Vins Blancs Moelleux
Sweet White Wines


"Barsac and Sautern terroir- Sauterns are not obtained from the grapes that are over-ripe due to sun or ice- The wine comes from the noble rot of the fruit, the concentration of the fruit due to the action of a mould, misty mornings and hot afternoons
...Sauterns develop inimitable aromas of fresh fruit rather than oxydized aromas of nuts and a rancio taste that is characteristic of raisined wines..."
Denis Dubourdieu